Sunday, November 29, 2009


Education is Politics

Ira Shor

“People are naturally curious. They are born learners. Education can either develop or stille their inclination to ask why and to learn.”
-I feel like teachers need to make classrooms a welcoming environment in order for students to feel comfortable asking questions in front of their peers. Teachers should have a challenging curriculum in order for students to receive a better education. Although I do believe that in order for students to ask questions teachers do need to make their material interesting to the class. Without catching student’s interest I believe they won’t care to ask more. They have to want to feel open to learning.
“Participatory learning also opens the possibility of transforming the student’s powers of thought”
-I believe participation is a big key in learning. For one it shows that students are involved in the subject but it also allows them to give their own voice. I believe group discussions are a great way to learn involving students own outlooks as well.
“The good school is the one in which in studying I also get the pleasure of playing”
-I liked this quote because I hope to teach in a way which is fun/interesting but yet students learn from it as well. I tend to think of our class now. We don’t just sit there and listen to a lecture. We all interact with one another, forming friendships but yet were learning.
I had a hard time understanding this article. I wasn’t sure if I comprehended what Shor was trying to get across. I think maybe it’s because the article didn’t interest me that much. Overall I do agree that we need to push students to ask questions and help them feel comfortable in participating.


  1. i think that participation is a big key in learning but i do not think that kids should be forced to speak in class if they are uncomfortable. I never liked speaking or reading in front of the class.

  2. When I was younger I was terrified to speak in class especially when I was put on the spot or asked to stand in front of the class by myself. But I became much more comfortable with it when teachers allowed group discussions or small group projects. If a child doesn't feel isolated or put on the spot they might be more apt to speak in class even if they don't like to do it. The classroom, the teacher, and the students all need to work together in order to make the class a more welcoming environment.

  3. hey steph. im glad i could help you better understand this reading. I was really interesting, sometimes we do not realize the type of things that occur around us. I believe it was you who said that you didnt think some of the things we have talked about happpened aroudn hear and its hard to see certain things because they are covered up by so much things.

  4. I like your last quote as well. I hope that I am a fun teacher so that the students really can learn from me!!!

  5. i loove the last quote!! i want to be a fun and interesting teacher too!! =]